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Website Design

Our creative team can develop a website customised to your needs. We make it easy for you to keep your site up-to-date.


Get your business on page 1 of Google Search Results. Drive traffic and increase new leads coming in to you business.

Digital Marketing

Get started with Google Ads or Facebook Ads and accelerate your business with new leads.


Get started with an e-commerce solution using either Shopify or WooCommerce.


Keep your WordPress site secure with our fully managed WordPress hosting services.

Healthcare Marketing

Health Digital has specialised skills in digital marketing for Healthcare businesses. We can help you gain more patients through your door.

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Healthcare medical doctor team bio profile

Don’t miss this essential, but overlooked section of your website

Don’t miss this essential, but overlooked section of your website The most important part of your website isn’t what you think. You optimised your landing …

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Healthcare digital marketing after covid-19
Digital Marketing

Healthcare Marketing After COVID-19

How to Overcome a Pandemic and Create a Successful Healthcare Brand When the year 2020 began, few — if any — of us could imagine …

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Facebook Social Media Campaign
Digital Marketing

7 Tips You Can Use to Strengthen Your Facebook Campaign

Facebook remains one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms for businesses large and small. However, just being on Facebook does not guarantee positive …

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WordPress Website Speed - fix slow website

How to increase your WordPress website speed

When you are building your website either personally or outsourcing the task to a professional web designing agency, there are certain factors that you need …

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Local SEO, Map Pack, SEO Guidelines

How Local SEO can generate more sales leads

The rules of the game with search engine optimisation is changing at an unprecedented rate. Google which is the world’s most popular search engine and …

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Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing

Marketing strategy not working? Here’s what is missing

Does it feel like your current marketing strategy is falling short? A key indicator of marketing success are your sales conversion rates, which aren’t always as high as you’d like them to be. In fact, a mere 22 percent of businesses are happy with their sales conversion rates, according to a recent survey.

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