7 Tips You Can Use to Strengthen Your Facebook Campaign

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Facebook remains one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms for businesses large and small. However, just being on Facebook does not guarantee positive returns for you and your company. You need to use every trick and tip at your disposal to make it as effective as possible. Here are 7 tips that will help you create the best possible Facebook ad campaign for your healthcare business:

1.    Use Facebook’s Built-In Tools

The reason many healthcare businesses choose to campaign on Facebook involves its wealth of promotional tools. Each one has its own purpose, so do not feel pressured to find a use for each one. Learn about what is available, and pick the tools that suit your current goals.

2.    Make Multiple Versions on Your Content

Marketing is not an exact science. There may be best practices, but markets are mercurial, and what works one day may not work the next. That means it is best to have multiple versions of your content so you can adjust the campaign on the fly should parts of it under perform. For text, it is relatively simple – just have your copywriters make multiple sets of their work. For videos, making multiple versions of the same video may be prohibitively expensive, so often the best option is to have writers make multiple versions of the script, and re-shoot as necessary.

3.    Embrace Re-targeting

Statistically, only 2 percent of traffic converts the first time they visit your site or see a Facebook advertisement. That is not as scary as it sounds. Considering millions of people can end up seeing your advertisements, 2 percent can be plenty. However, you will probably want more business than that, which is where re-targeting or re-marketing enters the picture.

Re-targeting is the practice of sending advertisements to people who have not converted. Who counts as people who did not convert is based on two categories – either they are on a list you upload, or people who have interacted with an advertisement in some manner. Sometimes all the customer needs is a reminder or a little push, and they will choose your product.

4.    Keep the Video Campaigns Running

Facebook ran into a bit of controversy after it was discovered that the social media platform essentially faked its video metrics. Despite that, video advertisements remain a powerful tool for companies around the world. It remains a powerful way to present a narrative, and can reach customers who are not affected by text or graphic advertisements.

5.    Keep Exposure Low while Maximising Relevance

People are constantly bombarded with advertisements, wherever they are. If they are online or outside, someone is selling a product to them. That saturation has made many customers resistant or even resentful of marketing. Avoiding that negative reaction is important, and you can do so by minimising exposure to your ads, and ensuring that what advertisements a customer does see are highly relevant to their current needs. The former goal can be reached by having a large enough target audience to ensure that your advertisements do not keep popping up in the same people’s feeds. The latter goal can be done by doing proper market research. You can get a sense of how well you are doing by taking a look at your campaign’s “Relevance Score” and “Frequency” on your analytics page.

6.    Be Careful Where You Place Your Advertisements

Facebook advertisements don’t just show up in feeds. They show up off the platform as well, such as on Instagram, and you can control whether or not they pop up on mobile platforms, desktop computers, or both. Where you place them should depend on both what you are selling, as well as your current goals. Instagram placements, for example, are more expensive, but generally have better engagement. Desktop users will purchase more than the average mobile user, but the latter tends to engage more, opening up re-targeting campaigns. Think carefully – the choice is not as simple as it seems.

7.    Resist the Urge to go for a Hyper-Niche Approach

No Facebook ad campaign works without an in-depth knowledge of the target market. The targeting options the social media platform will give you can tempt you into hyper-defining your market. While a narrow definition of your target audience is better than casting a wide net, you can easily overdo it by adding too much targeting criteria. Your frequency numbers go up, and your actual advertising audience becomes too limited, restricting the returns on your campaign. Stick to the criteria that most define your audience, and go no further.

Campaigning on Facebook may be difficult, but those tips should go a long way towards making the endeavor a bit easier. However, they are far from the only advice you should take. Keep looking for more tips and tricks so you can take your company’s advertising campaign to the next level.


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