Don’t miss this essential, but overlooked section of your website

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Don't miss this essential, but overlooked section of your website

The most important part of your website isn’t what you think.

You optimised your landing pages for conversion, agonised over your homepage, and put out for the shiniest of photography for your product/services/portfolio section.

But that “Team” page or section you threw up as an afterthought during the design stage? It turns out everyone is checking it.

Your staff or team section says a lot about your practice, especially if it doesn’t. Here’s how to send the right message:

Healthcare Identity Is Brand

People are at the heart of every company; customers and clients know this. That’s why they go looking for the bio sections of your website.

Crafting an excellent Healthcare Team page satisfies curiosity, cultivates trust and builds connections. It also speaks to your practice’s brand. Are you transparent and trustworthy? Quirky and fun-loving? Professional and polished?

Team pages often get overlooked or slapped together last minute, but the last thing you want to do is yank a couple of lines from everyone’s LinkedIn, or worse, forego the section entirely.

If you have an in-house writer, allocate their time to connecting with every (relevant) team member and work to craft descriptions that capture each person’s unique qualities while supporting your overall healthcare brand.

If you outsource, this is worth bringing in a specialist. Most of us can’t write a couple of good lines on our own skills and experience to save our lives, never mind dovetail a bio with a healthcare brand identity. Work with an experienced writer to make your team shine on the page.

People are looking. Take the opportunity to tell your story while they’re there.

Invest in Quality Images

Do not steal photos from your employees’ social media profiles; ever. Even if they give you permission. Also, avoid using stock photos, corporate event group photos, selfies (unless that’s key to your brand), etc.

Do work with your healthcare brand manager/visual storyteller and a professional photographer with professional equipment to capture high quality, properly-lit, visually cohesive, brand-integrated photos that, you know, actually look good.

If necessary, bring in a stylist to get everyone looking their best and sending the right messages during the shoot.

You want your team to look like people your patients would trust and like. That doesn’t happen with a haphazard collection of photographs taken in different lighting, from different distances and angles, and (shudder) from different eras.

Photos tell a story. Don’t let your story be that you (still) haven’t updated your camera since the iPhone 3S.

Keep It Current

Your team will change. Your story as a company will change. Your looks will change. Your website needs to change with you.

Put this in your calendar: “Review website structure, design, images, and content.” Now schedule it to repeat every six months, and don’t skip the Team page.

If you can, try to add and remove team members and update bios and photos on an ongoing basis. Bonus: keeping this page fresh improves your SEO.

Optimise for attracting new patients

People are visiting your Team page and hunting for bios. If you’re going to put time and money into making it look and sound amazing, don’t just stop there.

Keep visitors on your site by providing natural next-steps. Team member bios are great places to direct visitors to check out a blog post, key project, or product by that person, or to get in touch directly.

Alternately, include a sidebar or “read more” section below the main content of the page to offer visitors more content they might be interested in.

When was the last time you audited your site analytics? Chances are, if you have a staff page or section, you’ll be shocked at how much traffic it pulls in. Make creating and maintaining a healthcare brand-aligned, current, high-quality Team page a priority to make the most of those opportunities.

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Michael Inglis

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 20 years experience in website development and have a particular interest in WordPress, SEO and site speed optimisation.



Michael Inglis - Digital Marketing Specialist
Article by:

Michael Inglis

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 20 years experience in website development and have a particular interest in WordPress, SEO and site speed optimisation.

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