Marketing strategy not working? Here’s what is missing

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Not Working? Here’s What Is Missing

Does it feel like your current marketing strategy is falling short? A key indicator of marketing success are your sales conversion rates, which aren’t always as high as you’d like them to be. In fact, a mere 22 percent of businesses are happy with their sales conversion rates, according to a recent survey. An effective marketing strategy is one that boosts your overall sales, but what are the essential components of such a strategy?

The key components that every marketing strategy should have, regardless of what you’re selling, will be discussed in this article to help your business reach new highs.

Quality Content as a Foundation

Online marketing has evolved over the years, largely influenced by the way that Google prioritizes search results. In its current state, quality content should be the main driving force of any effective online marketing efforts aimed at driving organic traffic and converting leads.

Instead of just creating generic content and posting it on as many forums and webpages as possible, it’s more effective to create authentic, quality content that expresses your company’s unique story and brand.

Let Employees’ Voices Empower Your Company Image

Apart from providing quality content, another important part of conveying an authentic brand image is the voice of your employees. Some companies may fear what might happen if they relinquish control over what their employees might say while representing the company, but if you place trust in your employees, the trust is usually rewarded.

Allow your employees to be your brand advocates. By adding their voices together with your brand image, it creates a more well-rounded brand and company image.

Make Your Story Compelling

Branding experts believe that in order to have an effective marketing campaign, your company story must have all of the aspects of what makes a story irresistible. The elements that comprise an irresistible story with their marketing equivalents are:

•    The characters – the target audience
•    Character challenges – pain points
•    Character motivation – the desired outcome
•    A setting – piecing all of the elements together
•    Obstacles the characters encounter – obstacles that block the desired outcome
•    The climax of the story – the valuable solution that your company provides
•    The conclusion – how the value that your company offers is delivered

The point of understanding the elements that make a great story is to help you to create a central message that ultimately helps your customers to see how your service or product can assist them. Your customers should understand that they can go from where they are now to an improved scenario, through the use of your company products or services, by the story that you present. If thinking of a story for your company seems challenging, then take a look at stories that motivated or captivated you to find inspiration.

Unify Your Brand Message

An aspect of marketing that helps to solidify and amplify your message is to ensure that you present a unified message across all customer touchpoints and channels. Your brand or story should be the same regardless of where a customer might find you. Presenting a disjointed message can negatively impact your conversion rates – which is a common problem.

Every aspect of your marketing, including your social media, SEO, content, and email marketing campaigns should follow a single message and brand image. It’s important to see these different marketing channels as the same as far as your marketing message goes.

Focus on Your Branding and Sales Will Come

A common mistake that companies make is to focus their marketing efforts on selling their services or products, which may sound counterintuitive. Focusing on your brand story in your marketing efforts leads to far greater success than focusing on just selling your product or services. A compelling and interesting brand story or image will resonate with your customers and they will be drawn to your company due to shared values.

If you to consider a highly successful company such as Apple – a company that has mastered brand marketing – then you quickly realise that Apple doesn’t send their customers ads telling them to buy their products; instead, Apple’s marketing focus is on brand storytelling and building a relationship with their customers. Apple customers are drawn in by the brand storytelling and imagining how improved their life might be if they used Apple products.

Grow Your Technical Expertise as Your Marketing Efforts Grow

As your company becomes more involved in the many marketing channels available today, it quickly becomes apparent that there also needs to be ways to properly measure metrics so that you know what’s working and what’s lacking in your marketing campaign. Developing your technical expertise as your marketing channels grow is important to be able to properly understand the metrics and data that you collect.

Along with understanding the technical aspects of your marketing efforts, it’s also important to hire the right personnel to manage it. Continuing to further your understanding of the technology that makes your marketing possible, and investing in new marketing technology is equally as important.

Creating an effective marketing campaign may seem daunting at times. The world of marketing is one that sees frequent change, but by understanding the elements of what makes marketing effective, discussed in this article, your company can see the growth and sales conversion rates that you desire.

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