Get more patients for your Healthcare practice with Local SEO

Are you looking to get more patients for your healthcare practice? Our Local SEO Healthcare Services gets your practice in front of patients who are searching for you in Auckland.

Auckland Search Engine Optimisation for Healthcare

We work hard to get your practice on Page 1 of Google for your target keywords or phrases.

Are you wanting to grow your practice? Get more traffic to your website? Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, can help. We provide a range of search engine optimisation services in Auckland which include, website audits, on-site and off-site optimisation, ethical link building and long-term search engine optimisation strategies.

Increase Traffic

Get more traffic to your website by showing up higher in the search engines.

New Leads

Bring more qualified leads to your business by using specific keywords that customers are searching for.

Increase Your Revenue

Convert your website traffic into new patient enrolments with out electronic enrolment product.

Competitor Analysis

Learn why your competitors might be ranking higher than you and create a strategy to rise above them.

Why your practice should focus on Local SEO

The main difference between ordinary SEO and Local SEO is that Local SEO focuses on optimising your website to appear on the 1st page of Google search engine results for a a highly targeted narrow geographical area such as a city or even smaller suburb.

This provides a unique opportunity for healthcare practices that deliver services to dominate the search engine results for your local area.

Doctors, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Optometrists and any other Healthcare business can rely on Local SEO to get more patients without having to pay for expensive and unnecessary broader advertising.

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Personalised SEO package for your practice

The higher your practice ranks in Google’s search results, the more traffic you will get and the more patients you will receive. Achieving a page 1 rank on Google should be a priority for your healthcare practice.

We are not an SEO mill, instead we develop a customised package specific to your practice. Our SEO packages are designed to continue growth of your practice long after our campaign is completed.

Create a Map Pack for your Google listing

Map packs, also referred to as snack packs, are the first list in Google’s local results page category, it is the first list that a user will see. In terms of numbers, snack packs have been reported to account for 33% of clicks on search result pages, and with Google recently downsizing the number of businesses listed on the map packs from 7 to 3, getting listed has become very competitive.
The list of possible options provided to a user and featured on google’s map pack is not strictly based on which option is in close proximity to the user’s location but also based on that option which has implemented all the broad and relevant SEO components into their digital marketing strategy.
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Why website site speed is so important

Let’s face it, no one likes a slow website. In fact, most people will give up loading a website if it takes more than a few seconds to load. A slow website does not create a positive user experience and will leave your users frustrated and causing them to bounce back to their search results to find another website, often your competitors.

Google wants to deliver the best experience they can for their users and so Google understands the importance of site speed. It should be no surprise then to realise that site speed plays an important role in determining your website’s search engine ranking.

Site Speed Optimisation (SSO) is often put in the too hard basket or discarded because of the technical elements required to get a website loading in under 1 second.

So what are some of the elements that contribute to improving a website’s speed? Let’s take a look at a few of the important factors to consider when optimising your website for better speed:

  • Cheap web hosting – As tempting as it may be to skimp on web hosting costs, investing more in web hosting can pay big dividends in ensuring that your website is running at a higher performance. Often, cheap web hosts have thousands of websites running on one server which means your website has to compete with the loading of all the other sites on the same server.
  • Large image sizes – Images that have not been optimised can create a burden on your website causing slow loading times. All images should be compressed and optimised before publishing to your website.
  • Heavy code – HTML, CSS or Javascript code that is too dense will significantly impact your website loading time. Pay close attention to the detail of your WordPress theme and find out how large the code is.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) – CDN’s are networks of servers located around the world that can be used to distribute your content quicker to end-users than if they loaded your website directly from it’s IP address. CDN’s do this by creating a cached copy of your website content that provides faster and more reliable access to your site.

Our SEO Process

The first task is to research keywords and create a list that relates to your service and represents high commercial intent and has reasonable traffic numbers. Using our specialised tools we can compile a list of several hundred keywords that can be used to optimise your website with.

We also research what your competitors are doing, especially the ones who may already be ranking higher than you in Google search results.  This will help us forumlate our SEO plan for your business.

This phase combines technical auditing of your website as well as content auditing. All technical aspects of your website will be audited including page speed, which is a big factor in achieving good Google search engine rankings. We will also audit your website security and may make recommendations on items that need to be fixed before we can proceed to the next phase.

During the off-page optimisation phase we begin building your website’s rich content and acquire high value links from other websites. We will build up your social media and gain exposure with online publications, blogs and online magazines.

We always adhere to ethical SEO and never involve ourselves our yourselves in questionable SEO tactics. We believe the best strategy is a slow bake over time, this builds solid foundations for your business in the years ahead.

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